Mol Belting Systems

Global Network Maoer Transportation System (Changshu) Co., Ltd. is an industry leader and world-class manufacturing center, providing equipment, engineering and solutions to meet your complete transportation system needs.


Mol Belting knows your industry

We are a manufacturer, fabricator, and solution-provider of conveyor belting, motorized pulleys, and conveyance accessories for an array of industries around the world. Let us partner with you to engineer innovative and creative solutions for your conveyance needs.


At Mol Belting Systems, we know what products are necessary to meet your hygienic requirements. With our large assortment of food grade belting options, combined with one of our many unique fabricating capabilities like easy-to-clean footless cleating, captured fabric edge capping, or sidewall for containing spillage, we do it all with FDA, USDA, 3A Dairy, NSF, and FSMA in mind.

Logistics, Parcel, or Warehouse

Mol Belting specializes in improving productivity by providing conveyance solutions that work in all applications. Reducing your downtime with high performing belts and fabrication is our goal. Our highest priority is to keep your product continuously moving without interruption.

Security Machine

Mol Belting has served thousands of customers in the security inspection machine industry for decades. Understanding your unique security inspection machine application needs has always been our expertise, providing customers with customized services with high-quality products.


Mol Belting leads the industry in conveyor belting and motorized pulley design for the checkstand industry. With high volume endlessing capabilities, a wide range of belt selections, motorized pulleys for every checkstand design and checkstand component in our inventory, we have what you need.

Custom Solutions

Mol Belting not only provides professional products and services, but also has been committed to providing customers with customized products and services. Develop from the needs of customers and provide customized services for you. Our professional sales and engineering staff help solve the transportation problems you encounter anytime, anywhere.

Tested in our labs.

Proven on the job site.

Mol Belting Systems’ belts are built to stand up to the intended application because we test 100% of our materials to the highest standards. Each and every belt is built to surpass Mol Belting’s stated standards for safety, performance and longevity. All of our products are tested to have what it takes to be the best in the world, because we’d rather test them in our plant than yours.


Strict quality testing

Quality is second to none


Track the history of every cut and every scroll

Fast Quotes

Waiting for a quote should never get in the way of your productivity. Mol Belting's sales team can provide an immediate quote for belt replacement, service, or a custom solution.

Turnaround Time

Mol Belting understands that when you are down, so are your profits. That’s why we offer turnaround times in as little as two hours to get you back up and conveying in the right direction.


Our repair and service teams are ready 24/7 with the equipment and skills you need to get back online as soon as possible regardless of wherever you may need us.

Industry Solutions

Custom Solutions

Mol Belting Systems’ team of sales and engineering staff, combined with our world class fabrication capabilities, excel in providing custom belting solutions designed to meet the most challenging conveyor applications.

Engineering Team

Mol Belting’s Grand Rapids, MI and Mol Belting’s Changshu China engineering teams are ready to provide a global engineering reach with local accountability.