Mol Belting has the knowledge, experience and skills to manufacture, manufacture and distribute conveyor belts, electric rollers and accessories, and is suitable for various industries.

Focus on what you are concerned about

Mol understands that each industry has its own complex needs and standards. Through our unique capabilities, we have designed the best solutions, and according to your needs, we have evaluated which products can meet you. We provide quality service, reliable manufacturing, competitive prices and fast delivery.


Mol has extensive inventory and light weight food conveyor belts to meet the safety and hygiene of your products.


Security Machine

Mol has served thousands of customers in the security inspection machine industry for decades. Understanding your unique security inspection machine application needs has always been our expertise, providing customers with customized services with high-quality products.


Logistics package or warehouse

Mol is committed to improving productivity by providing transportation solutions for all applications. Our goal is to reduce your downtime through high-performance belts and manufacturing. Our top priority is to keep your products running continuously.


Checkout Counter

Conveyor belts, electric pulleys and other accessories of our entire product line can meet your needs and provide flexible order quantities.


Custom Solutions

We provide you with help in any application, and we provide high-tech solutions for your complex operation procedures, allowing it to be changed to a simple operation. We use the latest machines and provide global sourcing solutions to meet customer needs.