Safe Food Handling Across Every Category

From harvest to home (and all aspects in between), Mol Belting Systems is a force for food safety and innovation.

Starting from us, we provide innovative solutions for the food processing industry to more efficiently and safely handle Mol Belting's business that has been at the forefront of products. Our team of industry experts constantly sets standards for best practices in the food processing industry. As technology advances and regulatory requirements change, Mol Belting's focus on the food industry will continue to develop.

In 2011, the United States signed the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). Based on the principles of hygienic design, the goal of FSMA is to take preventive measures for food safety, requiring growers, harvesters and processors to take measures to stop pathogens before they enter our food supply. Hygienic design goes beyond the technical requirements of food processing equipment because it solves this problem at the source. This is why Moore conveyor systems have been at the forefront of conveyor belt hygienic design for more than 20 years.